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Images of transzendenz @ Altes Wettbüro Dresden

The 1st transzendenz with szentendre on the decks

Tuesday, 16.11.2010

pics by Katja Knetschke (ZoKa-Fotosessions)



Images of transzendenz @ Altes Wettbüro Dresden

Tuesday, 5.4.2011

/w amino szentendre studio 17 & blackberry

pics by Thomas & Tina George



images of the amino-live-act
@club aquarium - waterlounge night

thursday, 14.4.2011



images of transzendenz
@groove station

wednesday, 4.5.2011

/w szentendre, amino,
analogue audio assciation



images of

A.udio Park vol. I
@ Alaunpark Dresden
August, 14nd, 2011
/w doc B, amino, blackberry

photographs by
Katja Knetschke (ZoKa-Fotosessions)
Amin Hassoun