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Synthetisch Schöneit synsch

Aminos second release - afine doin rhythmelodicaly
album, inspired by everything around him. Best exampel
is the track with the title song. A classic in it self.











Transzendenz2010 - Transzendenz


This album was released in june of 2010. Amino
was startin' all over with the production in late 2009.
He like to produce an album with a symbioses of
sampled classical instruments and electronic elements.
Songs like 'jaNora', 'noon' and cologne' speech there own
language to show what he means. Other productions
are going to be pure-electro sounds, like 'friday' or
'black days'. anyway, this album is listenable for every Ear.








2007 - Tracks 99-07

The Album "Tracks 99-07" is a collection of the
productions thru the years after 'the first cut'. Amino
does some various productions in style of minimal
tech-house and techno. Also he makes ome nice
mellow productions like 'heartbreak'. The production
equipment changes all the time, so that every song had
his own flavour.

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1999 The First Cut firstcut


Aminos first album was call'd 'the first cut'. A
production made with analogue sythesizers,
organs, fx-machines, media-based-samples
and tape-delays. a pretty experimental
production of the time between 1998 and 2000.

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