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Even in the days of the Child and Adolescent Szentendre noticed that
he took up music differently than others in his circle of acquaintances.szentendre

Music was/is for him always nothing goes alongside or what about
just "background music".

No, instead they called always strong emotions and feelings in him.
Depending on the mood he has always consumed a very wide range
of music styles that can / could go from pop music to Heavy Metal,
Gothic EBM or even to just more techno and electronic music.

Because of childhood and adolescence in itself compared to other
extreme music consumption and its time of searching for new things
he saw were often set against a misunderstood outsider.

He has participated in the electronic music in the early nineties really
tasted blood, that is, rave or even as beautiful as it was then called
"Euro Dance ".

Incredibly touched and influenced him to this day largely the 97'er LP
Depeche Mode "Ultra", he can not really describe why, but listen to take
the generated electronic sounds on this LP / sounds and the dark
atmosphere to it when tremendously. He says that he had understood
correctly from then on music and since then his weakness was even
more pronounced.

He began to go out in technoclubs in the the early 2000 (especially
influenced him out at the legendary Tresor in Berlin) and slowly more
and more interested in the subject DJing or wherever it for him many
innovative record that you came from nowhere yet so forth knew.

He bagan to talk with DJ's, visited recordstores for the first time, an he
goes on to get a addiction for music.

He would never forget his first real technorecord from „Dorkeeper &
Stereojack aka Keep it Stereo mit Underground Suppliement“, released
2003 on the berlinlabel "Kiddaz.fm". From there on, he starts to buy more
of that again and again. He understands the labelstructures, starts to
know whats a whitelabel and all about the things what is difficult for a Dj.

After Years of trying to mix and finding the right genres, he is at a point
where he only want to get out to play for public. He loves it to show people,
the innovative music outside the mainstream, what talented artists and
how you can take the crowd on a jouney.

In his sets, he can't fix himself to a genre of electronic music. It goes from
deep house tracks over detroit influenced techno or quiet dubstep to
breakbeats. But, at all, his sets going to chord and string detroit-techno.

When hi's playin, he is driftin away, merge with the music and he seems
to go into another world. For him, there are no emotionally demanding
moments. He needs no drugs or alcohol, he said "Music is my only drug".

In the last time he was playing in locations like "Koralle", "Club der
Republik", "Altes Wettbüro" in dresden or at open airs like the

For the future, he wish that he can expand his art, to keep writing the
story, because in his life, the beautiest thing is to represent the music
what he loves.